Monday, February 14, 2011

Unromantic Valentine

My husband is the sweet, romantic, emotional one out of the two of us, and is consistently baffled by my lack of desire to receive chocolate and flowers, especially on Valentine's Day. And it's not so much that I'm not romantic, but that I get so much more out of the practical aspect of how he shows his love for me.

While I love going out for our weekly dates, and enjoy when we can get away together for a little vacation, it's all the little things that truly make me swoon. He is thoughtful and attentive, helps around the house, takes the kids where they need to go, and works hard to provide for us. He is a wonderful husband and a great dad, and I love him more every day because of the day-to-day displays of love and affection. In my eyes, this is true romance.

So, if you see my husband picking up a jug of milk without a side of flowers on Valentine's Day, just know that he's doing exactly what I would want my man to do...and that I'm the luckiest woman in the world because of it.


P.S. Happy Valentine's Day! May you all get the kind of love you desire...even if it's in the form of a jug of milk. :o)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Story under construction

I'm a little late in my regular Monday posting, but we've been doing some renos around here, and it's been a bit of a time/energy suck. Right now I'm staring at my disaster of a kitchen/dining room. We're doing the countertops, so I've got stuff all over the place. Fortunately, we've got twelve kitchen chairs - many of which are now lining the walls as a makeshift countertop to house the microwave, toaster, knife blocks, etc.

After slogging through an exhaustive amount of work in the kitchen yesterday, I woke up this morning and noticed that part of the island wasn't doing what it was supposed to. It looked great when we finished it (late) last night, but now there's a problem. It's fixable, thank goodness, but it's going to delay things by a good day. When I'm already looking at a week without counter space, an extra day can seem like an eternity. In the grand scheme of things, however, it's not. It's only one more day, and I'm sure we'll manage just fine.

Writing is just like that, isn't it? You'll write something brilliant one day, and when you go back the next, you see all of the flaws and how it just didn't quite work out the way you thought. Also, the story always seems to get worse before it gets better. You sometimes have to set things aside while you fix it up, and then when you finally replace everything it looks marvellous.

It can be a little frustrating when your story is a bit of a mess, but you really just have to have faith in the finished product. This often requires every last ounce of optimism that we can scrape together. Last night, I was looking around the kitchen and commenting on how nice it was going to look once everything was finished. My husband, ever the "half glass empty" kind of fellow, said "I sure hope so" in a tone that implied he was unsure it would be worth it. I think this is part of the reason why he doesn't enjoy renos as much as I do. He's just never sure the effort is going to pay off, whereas thanks to my delusion ability to visualize, I love the process almost as much as the result .

As writers, we need to have the ability to see the end from the beginning (at least a little bit) or else writing can become very unpleasant. It sort of defeats the whole purpose of creating something. I don't begin something in the hopes that I'm going to fail! In this vein, I don't look at the messy middle and think it's not going to be worth it. On the contrary, I dig in and use that vision of the end product to propel me forward until I've fixed what needs to be fixed and made it as beautiful as I possibly can.

And that is what keeps me renovating writing writovating.