Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Memory Monday

Okay, so it's probably Tuesday by the time I post this, but hey, I do what I can around here! I really dislike the kids heading back to school after a long holiday (like Christmas) because they always end up coming home with nasty illnesses that seem to last forever. Last week, I had 3 kids at home. The weekend was great, and then this morning, my #4 had a sick-fest. Not a good time.

Anywho, that's not exactly the kind of memory I want to share with you. I want to talk about family culture. Er, not snooty we-go-to-5-museums-a-week kind of thing (not that there's, um, anything wrong with that), but the kinds of things that make a family unique. One of those things for us is singing silly songs. My dad still sings goofy little songs that make us laugh, and I find myself doing the exact same thing. Turns out, I'm quite good at making up spur of the moment lyrics that make sense and even rhyme (hey, we're all born with special talents, right?).

One of my favourites from my dad, is the chorus of The Monkees song I'm a Believer (my mom probably has her hand to her mouth giggling in embarrassment right about now. *waves* Hi mom!). I thought I'd share it with you.

Then I saw her face
And it looked like a beaver
Two buck teeth
And a big floppy tail.

So there you have it. An in-depth look at a piece of our family culture. Don't judge me. (unless it's in a good way.) :o) What kinds of things are unique to your family?

*I seemed to have gotten my mom's sensibility and my dad's sense of humour. Not that my mother is a stick in the mud - that couldn't be further from the truth (yeah she was a giggle queen back in the day...still is, so don't get us started when we're together 'cause the tears will roll).


Jess said...

My family culture includes vicious games of Trivial Pursuit. It starts out friendly and nice, but then we get competitive. My Dad HAS to win, and usually does, but it's not a pretty process. Lord knows why we keep doing it--just one of those traditions that won't go away. It was a day of trepidation for me the first time my husband participated.

Love your changes to the Beatles lyrics :)

C said...

We sing silly songs, too! My grandfather was particularly fond of the well-known Christmas carol: "Deck the Halls with blonde-haired dollies." Followed with a suggestive eyebrow raising, "fa lala lala lalalala." What a fun family culture!

Katie Anderson said...

That's such a cute little memory!

Reminds me of when my brother and I were little and we honestly thought that the lyrics to the Springsteen song 'Born in the USA' were;

Barn in the USA,
There's a barn in the USA.

My parents never corrected us. They must have thought it was hilarious!