Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a new dawn, it's a new day (it's a new year)

And I'm feeling good! Ah, how I love me a brand spanking new year. (And let's face it, it might be the only good thing about, unless you were born in January in which case HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)Seriously though (I'm putting on my serious face - can you tell, lol), January is full of promises. You can turn your calendar and VOILA! A brand new year of possibilities lies before you.

I have big plans for this year. Okay, so I only have one plan for this year, but involves writing. I'm long overdue for some me time, and I'm itching to get back at it. As sad as I am that school starts up tomorrow (lunches are the devil), with the kidlets back in school tomorrow, my plan springs into action. I'm so excited!

I can't really control whether or not I get an agent or a book deal*, but this year I'm going to write something great. Since this is hugely subjective, I'm going to go out on a limb to quantify it and say that at least 5 people will think it's great also. AND, I'll only include one person I'm related to in that number. Two, max. ;o)

So there you have it, my one earth-shattering resolution for 2011. What have y'all got up your sleeves for the new year?

*If you know how to control this, send me an email ASAP


Trisha Leaver said...

I know you will write something great! Here's to a Happy New Year and the best manuscript you will ever pen out!

Rebecca said...

I like that song too! I'm slowly easing into January--taking a week or two to think about the upcoming year before I commit to any plans/resolutions.

January always seems like a perfect writing month--snuggled up indoors b/c it's too cold outside anyway. It just sounds cozy and full of dreams! You'll be great!

Terresa said...

Writing, reading, and everything that falls inbetween: life, love, walking, yoga.

Like you, Tracy, I'm looking forward to as much writing as I can manage in 2011, my writing focus has shifted a bit, but I'm still encouraged!

PS: Thanks for the birthday wishes, January happens to be my bday month! ;)

ali said...

YES! You can do it! I'm so proud of you for leaving out the agent/book deal thing. Whenever I read writer-types list that as a resolution I cringe. We have zero control over that. Even if we have written THE WORLD'S GREATEST NOVEL.

I can't wait to see what you're going to accomplish this year!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yay! You go, girl! I want so much to find the agent who'll love my MS this year. *sigh* A girl's gotta dream, right?! :-)

MT said...

My wish for the new year: I don't want to say in case I jinx it. :)

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

I'm behind you all the way!!!

My writing goal for 2011 is to finish a couple of books by June. One is 3/4 the way done. The other almost halfway. I've set a schedule and I'm hopeful.

We can do this!!!

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Excellent goal Tracy! I'm sure whatever you crank out is going to be spectacular. I came across you from Trisha Leaver's site and have enjoyed your blog:)