Monday, December 13, 2010

The countdown is on!

Is anyone else's December flying by like mine is??? I can't believe the kids only have a few more days of school left, but I'm looking forward to it! No homework, no soccer, no piano lessons...and no dragging my butt out of bed to make lunches. They are the bane of my existence! (Honestly though, I am so lucky that all five kids get up and go without a fuss every day. I don't know what I would do if they were stinkers to get out the door to the school bus!) 

As much as I love having a low-key Christmas, I'm really looking forward to visiting with family over the holidays. We'll get to see people from both sides, so it'll be a good time. Another thing I'm looking forward to? Eating treats. Lots and lots of treats. Is there anything better than Christmas baking? I think not. (Oh great, I think I just put on a few pounds thinking about all that good food.)

So, do y'all have any special plans for Christmas vacation?


L'Aussie said...

Hi Tracy. Christmas is blissful, isn't it? My children are all out of school but i still remember the excitement of having them home for such a long holiday.

I love Christmas baking too. I like to indulge and make some chocolate truffles etc which I don't make at any other time of year.

I see The Book Thief up in your recommendations. What a great book. I teach it to my Year 10s.

Have a heavenly, blissful Christmas!

Pichets in Paris

Trisha Leaver said...

My shopping is almost done, and I have just started my baking. Like you I am looking forward to having the kids home simply because it means I won't have to be in three places at one time for a while.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Hi, Tracy!

I agree with your whole post. My favorite thing about the holidays is the goodies. I haven't baked much yet, but it's my goal for the week. :-)

MT said...

I just finished eating too many Christmas goodies, so now I'm going to have to be good over the next few days!
Maybe we'll do some snow-mobiling if we can get a good storm. It's been raining for two weeks. :)

Melanie Jacobson said...

I'm with you on the baking. It's one of my favorite parts of the holiday. I made white chocolate cranberry blondies today. Yum!