Monday, November 29, 2010


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My husband's family has a wonderful Christmas tradition that his dad brought over from Germany, and we love doing it with our kids. The four Sundays before Christmas we celebrate advent where we get together with friends, light a candle on the advent wreath, sing songs and have a bunch of treats. Yesterday was first advent so we set up our tree and decorated our home. I love how festive it is in here! There's nothing better than cold winter nights lit up by the Christmas tree.

We didn't have anyone over because we're a bit sickly in our house, but we still had lots of fun singing songs, banging on bowls (for Little Drummer Boy, of course!), and jingling some bell ornaments. It's something our entire family looks forward to. Let's face it, I've got 2 teenagers already, with 3 more coming in the next few years, so anything that can get the family together - happily - is something that should be encouraged, right? ;o)

How about you - got any holiday traditions that you love?



MT said...

That sounds like a lovely tradition. In our family, we (pets too) dress up the Monday before Christmas and act out Luke 2.

Melanie Jacobson said...

I dusted off the Bing Crosby CD last night. That made me happy. It was my dad's favorite.

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! What a wonderful tradition. I still have to take down Thanksgiving decorations. I'm soooo slow this year. :/

Tessa Quin said...

That sounds similar to Icelandic traditions. We celebrate the four advents and light a candle for each (we make a decoration with four candles in it). You'll also see advent lights (which are really Jewish, but it's a tradition and they're really pretty, so...) in almost every single house/apartment here on the first Sunday. The cleaning and baking and decorating usually starts on the first Sunday.

Then we have the chocolate calendars, one chocolate for every day until Christmas (you probably have that as well).

Then many still hold the old Icelandic tradition of eating a specially prepared fish on the 23rd. Many people find the smell revolting, but others love it. I really don't mind the smell, but I haven't tried the fish. Someone told me that I'll probably like it if I don't mind the smell.

And then of course is Christmas Eve, which is the main Christmas celebration here. It starts at six, we eat a feast, then open the presents, the cards (which remain unopened until then), and get dessert if everyone was too full after dinner to have some. Those are the best evenings ever.

Christmas morning is usually spent in bed with a book...or that was before I had kids. Kids spend time checking out the toys the got the night before and we eat cold smoked meat for lunch. Christmas day is basically just a lazy day.

Anonymous said...

Große Post. Kann nicht warten, bis die nächsten lesen:)