Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall is here!

Summer decided to take a vacation this year, and almost convinced autumn to go with it. Fortunately, it made a special appearance and gave us some fair weather before the winter deluge hits. I have to admit...I kind of like the schizophrenic weather.

Okay, so maybe I'm just saying that because today it's working in my favour and having this beautiful weather makes me feel like we're getting away with something sneaky. Mind you, last week I was whining about the three foot high snow drift that accumulated in our driveway. We barely got any snow, but we live on the edge of town, and the wind blows just right...into our driveway.

Another reason to be happy, is that we're getting our huge picture and basement windows replaced today and tomorrow. I was loathing the fact that they were two months (!!!) later than they had said they would be, but since the weather has cooperated, I am quite pleased because on top of there being no snow or frigid temperatures, there are no bugs to deal with! Hurray!!!

So for today's Marvellous Monday, I celebrate Getting Away With It.

What have to had the good fortune of getting away with lately?



Jen Daiker said...

Well I definitely had a summer here in Houston, and the fall is in small doses, never too cool. Still nice though :)

I feel really lucky to have gotten to write in NaNo and feeling on fire!

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

New windows! Awesome. We've order new windows for our house. I hope it doesn't take as long. Enjoy your new view!

Laura said...

The first thing that came to mind when you asked 'what have you gotten away with' was 'Parenting'. Somehow the universe has let me be a parent to a true individual. I have gotten away with letting her find her own way - she doesn't go to school, she doesn't have activities I have to take her to. I have gotten away with being the parent I enjoy being (basically) to a kid who is going to be a truly amazing woman!

Thanks again, T, for getting me thinking this morning!

Elana Johnson said...

I've been getting away with not reading blogs. I've been so slammed in my real life, and then with actual writing, that I haven't made it to as many blogs as I should. I'm working on it, obviously.

Medeia Sharif said...

The weather has finally cooled down a bit, so I can have a reprieve on my next electricity bill.

Stephanie Faris said...

I love when it's cold one day, hot another, cold makes me appreciate the mild days...but mostly, you just never know what to expect. The problem is, you never know what on earth to wear!

MT said...

Me? Getting away with something? I haven't even stolen any Halloween candy from my kids this year. ;)