Thursday, June 10, 2010

Delirious already

I have a hard enough time getting to (and staying) asleep, that I think school trips for elementary school which rob me of precious Zs should be illegal. I'm all for the band trips for older kids and such, but to travel 2 hours one way for a fourth grade trip to a place that they'll never remember? Not so much.

I know, I know - I shouldn't be such a grump. My #4 is completely over the moon at being able to go, but then she's always been (and will likely remain) my most eager child. (Seriously, she loves to help do anything!) And, I'll have to drug her to get her there and back (which I'm totally not supposed to do, but I'm doing anyway to save her the embarrassment of getting motion sickness*).

What's worse, is that she's so excited that she had trouble getting to sleep because she's worried her alarm won't go off, or that I'll sleep through and she'll miss the bus. I tried to remind her that my track record for school outings is impeccable, but try explaining that to a nine year old worrywart. Besides, out of all my kids, she would be the one most traumatized by me forgetting about an activity, so that's a HUGE incentive for me. I couldn't exactly tell her that, though. She'd just worry about it.

I'm hoping for a great sleep tonight, even though I shouldn't because that's when I end up staring out my front window until three a.m. (okay, so I read or go on the computer, but it's right by a window...) In any case, I'm already looking forward to tomorrow night, because I never have to worry about waking up on a Saturday morning. :o) Only 19 more days until summer holidays...but who's counting**, right?


*Also to save the teachers from having a mess on the bus.
**Okay, you got me...


Aubrie said...

I always look forward to the days where I can wake up on my own without an alarm. 19 can do it!

MT said...

Motion sickness? Poor kid. I hope she grows out of it, and I hope you catch up on some sleep soon. :)

Terresa said...

THe other day I told our kids, "Only one month until summer vacation," at which my 6 yr old son replied, "No, mom, it's more like 5 weeks."

Oh, OK. Thanks for the reminder, son. (sigh)

Just hoping this weekend feels more like a lifetime. I'm just that exhausted...