Friday, April 2, 2010

A wee game of tag

Howdy y'all! I'm feeling badly that I've been too busy to write anything of interest lately, but most days, I haven't even checked my email until nighttime. Crazy!

I've had my nose to the grindstone for the last 2 weeks with schooling in general and with #1's online Math10 course (well, aside from the usual busy-ness, along with a pneumonia-ridden husband, kids with varying degrees of colds, etc, etc...)*. I'm pleased to report that she finished with a 98.5% average and is excited to move on to 11th grad math. She's a smart one, let me tell ya.

I know I'm not supposed to admit to this sort of thing, but the more mature, enlightened and less bitter part of me is refraining from writing an in-your-face letter to the old school division that wouldn't let her take the darned course in the first place. Don't worry, mom. I would never do it. Especially since she wants to re-register here to finish out the year with her bandmates. :o)

So, since my brain is swimming with all kinds of formulas, I'm doing something fun. Michelle Teacress tagged me the other day (and since I've been pretty useless coming up with posts of my own...), I'll fill in the blanks and tag three others.

I like... the smell of clean laundry.

I like... the special kind of love that kids have for their mom.

I like... to laugh.

I like... when justice prevails.

I like... my pink, fuzzy, polka dot pyjamas.

I like... nighttime.

I like... eating tuna with tortilla chips.

I like... wearing high heels.

I like... wearing polka dots. They make me so happy!

I like... raisin toast with peanut butter. Mmmm, I'm hungry.

I like... my kids being home for the holidays.

I like... the television to off during the day.

I love... being a stay at home mom.

Today was... long, yet it went by too quickly!

I dislike... talking on the phone.

I dislike... movies that are awesome but that I can't show my kids because of the foul language, or that "one scene". Grr, so annoying that moviemakers can't have a good story without throwing in unnecessary adult content. *shakes fist at Hollywood*

I dislike... parent/teacher conferences that accompany the four reporting periods in the school year. If my kids are doing well, send me a note, and if they're doing poorly, just let me know. Oh, wait. Isn't that what the report card is for??? Waste. Of. My. Time. Seriously. (I'm sorry, I know some of you readers are teachers, and have to follow school policy or whatever. I don't blame teachers. I generally love teachers, and I originally went to school to be one. And I love you. Okay? Okay.)

I hate... tasteless jokes.

I dislike... my family using eighteen million cups between the time they get home from school and bedtime. Who needs 4 water glasses??? Little stinkers.

I dislike... when the internet conks out on me.

I dislike... mornings.

I dislike... really windy days.

I love... dancing to loud music.

I love... reading.

I now tag:

Roxy at A Woman's Write (she also happens to have a great contest going on right now - check it out!)
Lisa at Confessions of a writing mama
Christine at Day Dreamer

*I know, I'm just full of all kinds of excuses, aren't I?


MT said...

tortilla chips and tuna - I'm going to give it a try (with a dill pickle on top)

Aubrie said...

Kids do have a special love for their mom :)

And I bet it's hard to find a movie nowadays that doesn't have one of "those scenes". Even Alice in Wonderland had a beheading scene, and that is supposed to be a kid's movie.

Great likes and dislikes :)

Tracy said...

MT - I actually make my tuna with dill pickles cut up in it! It's the only way to eat it!

Aubrie - I haven't seen Alice in Wonderland yet, but I think now I'll have to watch it first to see how my kids would handle it. Do they actually show the beheading??

Jen said...

Who doesn't love fuzzy pjs!! Way to go you for being a proud mom! You deserve it, though you're right I would keep the whole letter thing to myself!

Tracy said...

Jen - I would never do such a thing. Okay, so I might go as far as writing the letter (it's what I do, after all, hehe), but I wouldn't send it. :)

Terresa said...

I like wearing polka dots, too! I just bought a polka dot shirt from DownEast Outfitters yesterday.

PS: Love your new profile pic. You are so cute!

PPS: Happy Easter & General Conference season!

Tracy said...

Terresa - I just knew you'd love polka dots too! And thanks for the compliment. :)

Melanie J said...

I have never heard of tortilla chips and tuna fish, but when I think about it, it makes a strange sort of sense.

MT said...

Hi again! About Aurbie's comment on Alice in Wonderland - yes they show the beheading and we get to see the very realistic thing bounce all the way down the stairs. My 10 yo did not like the movie. Too scary for her comfort. :( But I loved it. Go Alice!

Tracy said...

Hmmm, thanks for the heads up MT (no pun intended, haha). I don't think my kids would like that very much at all. I'm still going to have to see it though...

Natalie said...

I think I'm with you on everything but tortilla chips and tuna and wearing high heels (ouch!)

Lola Sharp said...

New here..hi. I came from Roxy's.

Tuna and tortilla chips? It is either going to be yummy or disgusting, but I now have to give it a whirl.


Tracy said...

Hi Lola! Welcome to the old blog, and let me know if you like the chips and tuna. :)