Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In which a girl goes away and comes back to blog awards

I'm sensing a pattern here. Apparently I'm appreciated once I leave for a couple of weeks, because that's when I seem to get some blog awards! I'm not sure if it's good that people give them to me when I'm not saying anything...but I'll take them anyway, haha.

I'm kidding, of course, and want to say a huuuuge thank you (see, it's humongous) to Shannon and Courtney for the OTT award.  I also want to say hi to the new followers who stopped by while I was gone. *waves* HI!

Okay so the rules are I have to answer the following questions and pass it on to 5 bloggers...Here goes!
Your Cell Phone? Non-existent

Your Hair? In a headband.

Your Mother? trustworthy

Your Father? softie

Your Favorite Food? I have no idea how to narrow this down. Fresh cinnamon buns, or garlic bread? Shrimp, or steak? I think I'm going to go with anything that I don't have to make or clean up after.

Your Dream Last Night? Hmm, that would imply that I wasn't up all night hacking up a lung. I dreamed of sleeping, but I was awake while I did it!

Your Favorite Drink? Shirley Temple (sprite, oj, grenadine)

Your Dream/Goal? That my kids will be happy, my husband content, and that I will be an agented, published author.

What Room Are You In? living room

Your Hobby? reading/writing, snuggling with kids

Your Fear? That I'll drive off the side of a cliff* and die before getting to do everything I want. It's not a rational fear, and I'm pretty sure that if I got to the other side before I felt I was done, I'd pester someone until they sent me back. I'm stubborn like that.

Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? At my own book signings.

Where Were You Last Night? coaching #5's soccer game

Something That You Aren't? uptight

Muffins? Blueberry, but cranberry/orange is a close second

Wish List Item? A time machine. I'm thinking I'll be waiting a while for this one.

Where Did You Grow Up? I'm a Canadian prairie girl!

Last Thing You Did? Typed "I'm a Canadian prairie girl!" (not much more interesting than laundry, which was also what I just did.)

What Are You Wearing? sweats, t-shirt, bunnyhug**, socks, underwear (not necessarily in that order)

Your TV? Off

Your Pets? Do all the rocks in my back yard count?

Friends? Too far away.

Your Life? My bliss.

Your Mood? Pensive.

Missing Someone? Friends

Vehicle? mini-van

Something You Aren't Wearing? Just one something? Hmm, I choose Cinderella's ball gown.

Your Favorite Store? It's a toss-up between book store and hardware/home improvement store.

Your Favorite Color? Green

When Was The Last Time You Laughed? 2 seconds ago...oops, there I go again.

Last Time You Cried? Yesterday when I read a very moving article on gratitude (sappy, I know).

Your Best Friend? My hubby

One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Walmart. It's not like I have a choice - it has everything and is always open!

Facebook? Great for keeping in touch with old friends.

Favorite Place To Eat? Anywhere that family and friends gather is the best!

And now to pass this little award along:

Natalie at Between Fact and Fiction: She's a funny gal, with lots of interesting info, and a talented artist as well.

Aubrie Dionne: I really enjoy reading her blog because I get to see the self-publishing side of things. She's also super nice, and shares letters from publishing houses. I like learning the language of the biz - it helps me differentiate between form rejections and personalized ones. Thanks for that, Aubrie!

Aik: She reviews books and cute little Etsy shops, and also has tons of cool giveaways, which is definitely OTT!

Jen at Unedited: She's relatively new to the blogosphere, but has hundreds of followers. If that's not OTT, I don't know what is. I love following my fellow aspiring authors on their journey to publication, and I really enjoy reading Jen's blog. (and I finally moved her from my favourites to my google follower thingy today - go me!)

Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story: Her advice is invaluable, and I definitely recommend reading her back posts if you need some great writing tips.

*Can you tell that I just spent many hours driving through twisty-turny mountains? *shudder*
**That's Saskatchewan speak for hooded sweatshirt, in case you're wondering.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Congrats! You deserve it! :-)

Jen said...

Thanks!!! You are so sweet!!! I need to add that on my list!!!

Terresa said...

Congrats on the awards! I'm looking forward to visiting some new blogs tonight now...

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Sliding on the Edge said...

Love awards. Over the Top is perfect for you.

Tracy said...

Thanks everyone!