Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Writerly advice (and advice in general)

If you want to get anything done, stay off of your blog. And the internet. I'm finally home from over 2 weeks of vacationing, so my husband is in desperate need of non-wrinkled shirts for work. (I kind of let the ironing pile up before we left.) So what did I do? I set up the ironing board...then I logged in to Blogger while the iron heated up.

Next thing I know, 45 minutes is gone. Sure, I got caught up on some blog reading, and even managed some interaction with the kids (why yes, children, you may have another chocolate if it keeps you from bugging me while I glean important information from my fellow bloggers).

My darling #4 has been begging me to iron her little plastic shape thingies since the first week in December, so I did manage to pry my eyes away from the screen long enough to do that (and no, I haven't ironed this whole month - I have an 8 item rule before I lug out the ironing equipment. And yes, it's sick that my husband has that many dress shirts.)

So this is me staging an intervention for myself. Must. Get. Away. To iron.

What should you be doing right now instead of reading (and of course, commenting on) my blog?



Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

lol, this is exactly why I make my husband use the dry cleaners, otherwise he'd never have non-wrinkled shirts.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

very wise. hard to break though. happy ironing.

Stephanie said...

I don't iron--- I use Downy Wrinkle Releaser! :) Hubby will iron his own stuff...he's kinda anal about it anyway and would never ask me to do it...he knows I would not do it to his standards! LOL!

I am on a writing vacation this week. I finished copy edits last week..so I needed a break. But aside from that...my daughter is home this week and I get very little done while she is home for vacation. So I am actually taking this week as a chance to really catch up on the blogging world! Cause normally my blog reading time is quite limited and that kills me!

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Had to stop by after seeing your comment about Ophelia. This sounds amazing! I'll make sure to be back for the contest.

And, I'm a huge Anne fan. In high school, a friend sent me home with two shopping bags full of all the LM Montgomery books I hadn't read. I spent the summer on the couch happily reading.

Have you ever read Montgomery's journals? Even better than her books. As a writer, you'd appreciate them.

Tracy said...

Roni - I'd love to send out his ironing, but I'm afraid we'd never have enough money to pay any of our bills! He's not allowed to buy any more shirts unless they're the awesome iron-free ones. So far, only two of them are, but my plan is to have them all replaced and then I'll be laughing. (I hope.)

TerryLynn- Thanks, I'm happy that it's all done (finally).

Stephanie - I've never heard of this Downy wrinkle releaser (how is this possible???). I'll be on the lookout for sure!

Caroline - Welcome to a blissful life - glad you stopped by! I'll have to check out those journals for sure. I remember wanting to read them a while ago, but somehow they fell off my radar. Thanks for the reminder!

kanishk said...

This sounds amazing! I'll make sure to be back for the contest.

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arlee bird said...

I am drawn to my computer between 5 and 5:30 every morning and go back to it much of the day until I take my last look before bedtime between 10 and midnite. It's become a crazy obsession.

What should I be doing now instead of reading and commenting on your blog? Can't think of anything---If it wasn't yours it would be someone elses.

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