Monday, December 7, 2009

Cold, dark and happy

I love Christmas time. Actually, one of my favourite things about winter in general, is staying up into the wee small hours with the lights off, staring out the window. Okay, that sounds like I've reached the other side of crazy, but let me tell you, it's the best time* to feel the magic of winter.

Nighttime can be surprisingly bright, and the serenity of moonbeams on pristine snow weaves a spell that is only possible at this time of year. Even on a moonless night, the enchantment of the season is as tangible as winter's ardent, frozen kiss on your cheek.

As an added bonus, I get to bask in the warm glow of our Christmas tree for an entire month. I would keep that tree up year round if my husband would let me. I've made the suggestion, but he wouldn't go for it - although he conceded that if we ever have a large enough house, I could have my very own Christmas room. I thought that was pretty generous of him, don't you?

I can't even count the hours I've spent in a dimly lit room - either writing in a journal, or just plain pondering life's many mysteries. I'm not insane (you can't prove it), but I've had a wonky body clock for pretty much my entire life, and I think because of that, I appreciate the solitude that accompanies the schedule my body so loves to keep. (Either that, or I'm incredibly witty and can't get enough of my own company. Don't judge me, I'm just keepin' it real. *wink, wink*)

I love the long, dark winter nights. While it's a little strange to send the kids off to school in the dark, it means I can pretty much live in my pajamas (oh jammies, I heart you). Also, there's the perk of the pesky sun not interfering with my late sleeping. There's nothing worse than finally falling asleep, only to have the sun's rays bending around the curtain to say hello.

I've made peace with the fact that I am a bad day person, and a fabulous night person. (Um, my husband, not so much, though he's better than he used to be.) My new motto** is: if you can't be the person you love, love the person you are. Er, or something like that.

So I say, bring on the cold and the dark. I've got my jammies on, and the lights are low (and my morning-person hubby is already crashed on the couch).

Anyone else out there appreciating winter?


*Not the best time=when you're out shovelling and it's -30 degrees Celcius without the wind chill.
**And by new, I mean I totally just made this up now.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

I love the shorter days, like you, but I hate the freezing cold, driving/walking in snow, and the loss of baseball! :)

Great blog! :)

Natalie said...

I love winter, but I too could live without snow shoveling. I spent most of the morning clearing the driveway.

Aubrie said...

Winter is definitely more introspective. I'm more apt to work harder in the winter than in the summer. I like to bunker down inside and work on my writing and read.

Great post and great timing, especially since a lot of us just had our frist snow fall of the season!

Tracy said...

Shannon - I can't relate to the loss of baseball :) but I'm not a huge fan of the cold, or the icy roads. I was in a bad accident last Christmas with our 6 year old, and now I'm majorly paranoid about winter driving.

Natalie - I shovelled our massive driveway yesterday. I don't mind doing it, it's just when it's bitterly cold and windy that makes it a problem. I totally think it counts as a cardio workout, don't you?

Aubrie - good call on the introspection. Definitely a great time of year to get stuff done!

Terresa said...

Yes yes yes!

I'm reading this giddy (as in very much relating to it!)

I was up until 1am last night (er, this morning I mean) and then slept in until a blessed 10am!! I'm only getting away with this as my kids are on track break, feed themselves breakfast & then watch TV. Today they ate carrots, bananas and hot dog buns for breakfast. Whatever works, right?

It doesn't help matters that my husband works a night shift from home. So I'm even more motivated to stay up late & hang out with him, write, muse, munch on chocolate, etc.

PS: I'm also strangely transfixed with my Christmas tree. The soft glow like a magical attraction pulls me in...

PPS: Bring on the night!

Tracy said...

Terresa - congrats on the sleep in. School breaks are awesome, and kids who feed and entertain themselves in the morning are even better, haha. Those kids definitely had a great breakfast, what with covering 2 of the basic food groups :)

Sliding on the Edge said...

I love the change from summer. Those long afternoons of summer are wonderful, but then a fireplace and a comfy chair with a good book about 4 pm is delightful by contrast.

Stephanie Faris said...

Don't you have a hard time seeing to write in a dimly lit room? Or is that the only part of the room that's lit?

I LOVE writing by the Christmas tree. There's just something so peaceful about it. We don't have a fireplace, so I have to settle for what I can get!

Tracy said...

I don't have very much trouble with dim lighting. I think I might be part cat or something. :) Really though, the tree lights are plenty bright when I'm writing long-hand, and the computer is bright enough any other time.

ElanaJ said...

Oh, I despise winter. Maybe if I could stay in my house all day and write, I'd like it. But bundling up my kids, myself, starting the car 20 minutes early and driving through the snow to work? Yeah, not my cup of tea. At all.

Glad you like it though!

Tracy said...

ElanaJ, those are definitely all bad parts of winter! I think winter would be so much better without the icy roads, cars that never really warm up, and freezing temperatures, but since winter hangs around for 6 months, I have to look on the bright side or I'll go mad. :)