Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I just got back from the Big City - I went to see my sister before she heads to the sandbox. That's military speak for the Middle East (she's going to Afghanistan). It was a lovely visit and she let me install 3 light fixtures. I actually enjoy doing that sort of thing, so it was lots of fun if you pretend that I didn't spend a good 6 hours troubleshooting a new ceiling fan that turned out to be broken. Stupid thing. The second new one went up in no time...but I digress.

The real reason for posting today, is that I made a special connection while in the Big City, and spent about 4 hours in the presence of greatness personified. I fell in love immediately with the funky accent, but it was the generosity that really got me. It's all good though. I've already confessed my torrid affair to my husband, and he's okay with the new union so long as he's the one I come home to.

In case it's not perfectly clear, I'm talking about my trip to IKEA. Holy cow, I had forgotten how totally awesome that place is! I haven't been there in years, and now I know why*. It makes my entire existence seem completely boring and cluttered. It also makes me slightly depressed to know that I could be spending way less on cool, useful stuff for my house. How have I lived without IKEA in my life??? I really have no idea.

If you've never been to IKEA, it's like going to a different country. You know you're in for something special when you pull into the parking lot. There's even a weird flag flapping in the breeze. Upon entering the huge double doors, there's a place to ditch let your kids play. Then you go up the escalator to enter a brand new world.

Angel choruses greet you** as you rise to a land of fun kids' bedrooms, cool living/dining/bed rooms, space saving ideas, and must-have ornamentation. When you've had your fill of touring around the glorious displays, and picked up a couple of toys to assuage your guilt over deserting letting the kids play for so long, you grab some much-needed nourishment at discounted prices from the café and head to the lower portion of the store where the dreaming ends and the real shopping begins, filling your cart with anything your heart desires.

Just when you think you're homefree, you must clear one last hurdle of reasonably priced Christmas items (which would've been nice to look at, but my mom was already in the checkout line because she was dying for some "fresh air"). Our feet were sore, but it was sooo worth it (recovered yet mom?).

I never thought I'd say this, but this trip may have caused me to reconsider my position on us moving to a Big City. If it has an IKEA, it just may be worth it for my husband to spend hours in traffic whilst commuting to and from work (as opposed to the huge 6 minute drive he's got now). This will be the new criteria for job hunting. I refuse to move anywhere that doesn't have an IKEA.

*I mean, other than the fact that I don't live anywhere near IKEA...
**That part may have been in my head.


Stephanie said...

LOL! I love IKEA too! The closest one to me is in Ontario, a 2 hour drive. We would make a day of at IKEA then dinner at an awesome Chinese buffet down the road.

But with the new border rules...can't just jaunt off to Canada any old time I want anymore.

Maybe IKEA (and the food at the Mandarin) can be my motivation for obtaining a modified drivers license.

Terresa said...

IKEA drives me nuts, in a very good way. We used to shop there @ the one in Irvine, CA when we lived in San Diego. Before they built one in San Diego. Then we moved back to Las Vegas where, despite there being 2 million or more people, there *isn't* one. so a few years back, outraged, my friends and I did an email campaign to IKEA begging them to build one here. So far, it hasn't worked.

I think you'll agree, IKEA rocks!