Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Maybe it'll help to complain

It seems like forever since I've complained about those crickets in my inbox. And yes, my mother has taught me that it's not nice to whine, but here I am, doing it anyway. Sorry mom. :) I mean, I know people are busy and sometimes even like to take holidays, and I totally understand - I do! I'd just love to hear from someone...anyone! I don't even mind so much if it's a no, just give me something!

Okay, so I mind a teensy bit if it's a no, but it's sooo much harder when I hear nothing! Particularly on those partials that are so very exciting to send out, and yet so much harder to wait to hear back on.

But, I'm trying to look at the bright side. I mean, at least I'm getting requests. That's really something to be thankful for. Besides, it's not like I don't have anything else going on right now. There's the the home schooling outline I've still need to hand in for #1 (oops - note to self: finish the darn thing already and take it in!), and the kitchen to clean because I didn't have enough energy to do it yesterday (recovering from a throat infection - yay, me!). Oh, and of course there's the yet to be conquered mountain of summer laundry*; though truthfully, that thing never dies.

And what about my super top sekrit work-in-progress? Yeah...slow going with school starting up, but hopefully I'll be back at it on a more consistent basis in another week or so. Last night I actually came up with the perfect way to tell the story, resolved a major plot issue, AND I wrote the query letter so I'm pretty excited to get back at it.

Yeah, that's right. I have the letter all ready to send off to agents for when I finish the actual book. For those of you that have written a query letter, you know how hard it can be to make it good...and this one is VERY. GOOD. (Well, I can't exactly test it out on agents until I've got the book ready, but I think it's awesomely awesome.)

Okay, so now that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the stuff that's on my plate, maybe it's not so bad that those agents haven't had time to get back to me yet...

Well, I'm off to tackle the kitchen before it mutates into something really scary.


*But hey, at least I finally got the suitcases unpacked from my cousin's wedding in June. That's something, right?


Stephanie Faris said...

I guess we can drive ourselves crazy, waiting. I find it's best to focus on the next project and try to forget about it, but yes, I end up checking my inbox and my PO box every 15 minutes, just hoping for something...

Wolfen said...

The quary letter alone can drive you crazy I know. But your writing is always better then you think. You, as the writer, are going to find every single flaw... even it if dosen't exsist.

It's also good to have many projects. Keeps the mind fresh.

MommyJ said...

I lost sleep over my last query letter. Really. Took forever to get it right.

A suitcase from June? Good grief, woman! At least just dump it on the floor so you don't have to keep opening it up to get things out! Glad you finally unpacked. :)

Tracy said...

Hey, it was the very end of June, so almost July really, and it was sort of a revolving suitcase from all of the travelling we did all summer...that makes a difference, right??

Fiauna said...

Progress on my WIP is also going super slow. Much slower than I'd like. But, oh well.

I'm so tired of listening to the crickets in my inbox that I've stopped sending queries. I don't know when I'll get the nerve to start sending them out again. Rejection hurts, no matter how it's served up.