Thursday, September 17, 2009

A little breathing room

I had #1 do the cumulative review for the first 4 chapters of Math, and she got 122/130. Not bad for just jumping right back into the swing of things. I was in a bit of a panic that she wouldn't remember anything from over a year ago, but it's coming back to her. The biggest challenge will definitely be getting her used to the language they use, because she had to ask for clarification on what the book was asking her to do (and I had to look it up...gotta love confusing directions...).

I just hope the school will provide a teacher/translator for her during the test. It's been such a struggle to get this far, that I hate to push my luck.

I'll probably do it anyways.


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Terresa said...

122 out of 130 is great! Sounds like some celebration chocolate is in order.

PS: I got a "D" in my Math 101 class in college and still graduated...although that one "D" pulled my GPA down big time. Sigh -- there *is* life after math (thank goodness). But kudos to you on sticking with it to help your daughter. Home schoolers rock. You are one tough mama!