Friday, September 25, 2009

The best laid plans

Okay, so remember how excited I was for tomorrow's 10K day (wherein I attempt to write ten thousand words in one. single. day.) and the amazingly wonderful time I was going to have writing all day while the children spent some quality time with the dad figure?

Well, it turns out that dear old dad has a coaching gig out of town (he coaches men's volleyball for the local college in his "spare time").


Don't feel too sorry for me - it's par for the course around here, and I'm used to having to write with kids squealing in the background. Maybe if I bribe the kids with taking them out for supper, they'll be extra good. Anything that cuts down on me taking time out to play referee...

Oh, 10K day, I will conquer you yet!



Terresa said...
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Terresa said...

I was just wondering as I've been knee deep and wading through my kid's last week of homework and spelling tests, not to mention piano & garden club taxi driving...when do mama writers actually find time to **sit** and **write**?

Maybe I'll pose the same question on my blog. Because I'm not finding much time lately. Am I extremely deficient or cursed? Or maybe I'll just scrap my WIP novel and start on short stories instead. At least I could finish one of those some day before I die. (sigh)

Good luck on your 10K'll get there!