Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No more sleep, and how to dress for the weather

Well, it's almost time to send the kiddies off to school again. That means no more revolving front door, no more 24 hour a day kitchen, and no more sleeping in.


I mean, it's bad enough that the hustle and bustle of lessons and homework is starting up, but what I will miss most of all are the summer hours of late nights and sleep-ins. As a night owl, the school year just about kills me. I live for weekends and holidays so that my poor, tired body can recuperate from those early mornings and live in a way that is more conducive to my wonked out internal body clock.

My inability to function within the parameters of regular society weighs heavily upon me for ten months of the year. When my second wind hits (usually at about 9pm every night), I begin to dread the coming hours. My mind contends mightily with my body as it tries to talk it into getting to sleep at a normal time so I'll be able to wake up refreshed (and functioning) the next morning.

Now, I know that I have a powerful mind (hey, I've totally read The Secret). I'm an extremely stubborn person with an iron will (you know, when I really want something). But my mind has nothing on my body clock. My body clock defies all logic and reason.

Evil Body Clock has no respect for the conventions of modern, school-going life. It doesn't care that kids have to get out the door on time. It doesn't care that stores are only open at certain times of the day (small town living, what can I say...). It certainly doesn't care that the crazy hours drive my husband completely around the bend.

Evil Body Clock has its own agenda, and I secretly believe that it wants to rule the world. It certainly rules mine. But enough about Evil Body Clock...

Another (much less traumatic) thing that the school year brings, is cooler weather. In a few short weeks I'll probably be dragging out the winter jackets and mittens (I'm from west-central Canada, and we have 2 seasons: winter, and countdown-to-winter). There is a tradition up here that very few outsiders get to see. It's where we send our kids to school in winter clothing on the outside with summer clothing underneath. Mornings can be so cold, and afternoons so hot that we've been forced to adopt a slightly schizophrenic way of dressing.

If you've ever wondered what makes us, that just might be it. You psychology types can go to town on that if you like.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to see if I can remember where I put the winter boots*...


*Why I even bother putting them away is beyond me...


Laura said...

I am SO with you on the sleep/inner body clock thing. I feel guilty about it, like I'm not a responsible adult. All of the other mothers are in bed by ten or eleven, up at six, ready to go, while I'm counting down to Saturday and being able to sleep until my body wants to wake up.

We have to dress that way in Ohio in the fall and spring. Winter coats in the morning, shorts by afternoon, oftentimes.

Think layers.

MommyJ said...

I absolutely have an evil internal clock too!! It makes my husband nuts. And yes... the school year does horrible things to me as well.

Except... this year, I will be sending my oldest three off to school, leaving me with the baby at home. The baby... who likes to sleep until 9 AM. SO. If I can stumble around blindly for thirty minutes and get all the kids ready and strapped into the car with Dad... I can TOTALLY go back to sleep for an hour. Or at least, that's how it works in my dreams. :)