Friday, August 28, 2009

impromptu poem on a dear friend's grief

days go by in
fast and slow motion
agony because of how slowly
every tear seems to fall
painful because of how fast
every heartbeat
leads away
from precious time together
mourning thrice over
once for yourself
twice more for little ones who
seem to forget
the life carefully planned
by loving
parents too soon parted
would that i could
linguistic valium
but my words carry
little comfort
if any
instead i save tears
for when
darkness falls
because i know that's when it
strikes you
seemingly unyielding
my pillow is tear stained
though not so wet as yours
i can't walk in your shoes
only alongside
as near or far
as you can
so i do what i can
while on my knees
that you can
carry on
that you can
make it through
another first step
but not
because you're
ever watched over
ever prayed for
ever supported
by friends unsure
by love unfeigned
by hands unseen


Fiauna said...

So beautiful and sad.

Tracy said...

Thanks for that, Fiauna. I haven't written poetry in years, and I was feeling a little self-conscious posting something so heartfelt off the top of my head...

Terresa said...

Lovely poem.

PS: I enjoy reading poetry on blogs and wish more bloggers would find that poet within.