Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Have you ever just felt happy for no apparent reason? It happens to me quite a bit, and today it struck me as being rather unusual. There are days when that happiness is fleeting, and others where it follows me around. Today is one of the latter. It hums in the background - occasionally poking its tongue or making faces - leaving me smiling and giggling at mundane things.

Sure, I have those down days too, but even then, that happiness is much like Peter Pan's shadow: trying to run away only to come snapping back to mimic (and occasionally poke fun at) me.

It's contagious too. The kids see me smiling, and give me hugs and kisses out of the blue. I love days like that. Somehow the tedium of my run-of-the-mill-housefrau/laundry-cleaning-dishes life is made easier when buoyed up by this ever-present shadow of joy.

My life really is my bliss. What's yours?


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Terresa said...

As I say, fall in love with your life. There's no better thing.