Wednesday, July 1, 2009

14 years

That's how long I've been married. Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary last night by going out for lobster, crab and shrimp. Mmm, I love seafood!

Some people say that it's bad to get married young, but I disagree. We were starry-eyed at 22, dated and were married within 6 months, and I wouldn't have done it any other way. That's not to say that it's always been easy*. We're both extremely stubborn (quit laughing mom), and have some definite ideas of how things should be, but when it comes right down to it, we're in this for the long haul. I think that's what makes all the difference.

For kicks, here's a list of some of the things that have accompanied our fourteen years:

7 years of university, 3 degrees, 7 houses, 2 countries, 1 major job change, 6 vehicles, 5 kids, 1 stillbirth, 3 miscarriages, 2 cats, more disagreements than I can possibly keep track of, and more love than I can quantify!

I think it can be a difficult thing for people to grow and change over the years. Thankfully, we've not been immune to learning and growth. I embrace it with open arms. I like that we can learn from our mistakes, and become more effective in our relationships. Some days, I wonder how we could possibly have come together because we're so different, but most days I marvel at just how perfect we are for each other.

Our differences are what make our family well-rounded (and me too, for that matter). The things I tend to forget about are the things he can't live without, and the things that I love are things that he wouldn't push for. I love that sort of give and take in the family dynamic. Our kids have benefitted immensely from our diversity.

Thankfully, we still have a lot to learn from each other - we have a lot of years ahead of us! I know they won't be easy, because let's face it, nothing in life is. But it'll be worth it.

In the immortal words of the High School Musical cast: We're all in this together.


*Come to think of it, I'm not sure that it's ever been particularly easy. Maybe year 15 will be?


Stephanie said...

Totally love the HSM reference!!!

Today my hubby and I celebrate 14 years together! In September we will be married 11 years. We too married young...I was only a couple weeks past my 21st birthday and he was 23. We were young, but we didn't feel young at the time. We weren't silly kids who didn't know what we wanted out of life. On the day of our wedding, we both had careers, we were getting ready to close on the purchase of our first house and we knew babies were going to be put off for at least a few years- we had so much we still wanted to do as a couple.

Any marriage takes work and a serious commitment, regardless of age...20, 30,'s a big change no matter what, but if it's handled with maturity, an open mind and a willingness to work through the rough patches instead of giving up, well, that makes a successful marriage and life.

Congrats to you and I wish you many many more years of wedded bliss!!!

Tracy said...

Is there anything that can't be resolved by a HSM song? Congrats right back at ya, Stephanie. It's always nice to hear about young love that has endured the storms and is still going strong!

Stephanie said...

LOL!! I am not afrid to admit that at the age of 31, I just love HSM!!!