Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A candid moment in the life of an aspiring novelist

I am officially a reject.

Yup, my first rejection came in on last week's partial. It was a form rejection "it's just not for me" kind of thing, which is fine. I know it's a subjective business, even though it stinks. I think I ran through an entire range of emotions in the space of about 5 minutes. Let me outline.

(Disclaimer: Place tongue firmly in cheek while reading. Although these emotions were all true, they were very fleeting. Except for the last 3.)

Shock: I can't believe they rejected me.

Sadness: They rejected me. I must really suck.

Depression: I do suck. I'll never get an agent.

Denial: No, other people read and loved my book. I don't suck.

Pseudo-Anger (it's not in my nature to be really mad at something): How could they not like this? They're crazy for rejecting me.

Epiphany: Okay, they're not crazy. It just wasn't for them.

Revelation: I'm hungry. Time for a snack.

Happiness: Mmm. Golden Oreos. (note to self: add Oreos to grocery list, and look into buying Nabisco stock)

Determination: Back to work!

So there you have it. Pretty exciting, huh?


Oh, and I'd like to report the completion of my 3 chapters. I'd also like to say that I'm never doing that to myself again. Maybe I'm just lazy, but that was really, really hard!


Melanie J said...

Since I publish in the LDS market, I haven't had the uh, pleasure of the added layer of rejection faced when publishing in the national market. Good for you for keeping your chin up.

Terresa said...

Thanks for the play-by-play rejection.

I've been thinking rejection lately, too, just not bold enough to blog about it...In the past month I've submitted articles (not even chapters of my book yet!) to 2 different magazines...and been rejected. I was in denial about it for awhile and then yesterday it hit me. I'm a reject twice over.

Oh well. I have 2 choices now: stop writing or keep writing. I vote for the latter. And pass those Golden Oreos, I need some!

Tracy said...

Thanks, Melanie J. Maybe one day I'll submit some LDS stuff so I can get rejected there too, haha.

I'm sorry to hear about your articles, Terresa, but don't quit writing. You're welcome to share my Oreos. They make everything better! Hey, maybe I could submit that to Nabisco or something. They could target a new market of bummed out writers. All they'd have to do is advertise on Absolutewrite.com. There's tons of 'em!

Stephanie said...

I've had so many rejections that I expect them now...and when it's not, it feels oh so amazing!

It really does only take one person to like it....and then everything is turned around!

Tara Maya said...

Hey, you got a request for a partial, that makes it already a higher level of rejection than most people get. You must be on the right track.

Fiauna said...

Join the club! It's a game of persistence, I tell ya. I just read an article about an award-winning author who saved 187 rejection letters--those were just the ones she saved.

Just keep typing. Just keep typing. Typing, typing, typing ...