Wednesday, May 27, 2009


And not the figurative kind, either. You know how I got into that car accident(1) just before Christmas? Well, the doctor said I'd probably feel it about 5 or 6 months down the road. I didn't really believe him(2) and to be honest, I forgot about it.

Until now.

I even believe that doctor. I can barely move my head(3). I'd been feeling a little sore for about a week, but attributed it to a tough day at the gym last Tuesday - after all, for three days my lower body was so sore that I practically had to aim my derrière at the couch and fall if I wanted to sit, and getting up involved a sort of rolling motion...but I digress...But then I realized that it was cardio and a lower body workout, not something that would affect the head/neck to cause this pain (I'm a regular Sherlock Holmes, I know). Hopefully I can get in to see the doctor quickly(4) to have it documented so I can get to physio/massage and get fixed up.

So anyway, in light of this discovery, I have declared today "Do nothing day".(5)

I'll still write, of course(6). And nap. Maybe get dressed. Oh, wait, I have to get dressed so I can take #4 to soccer tonight because hubby has a meeting. Curses! That means I'll have to drive. And shoulder check - oooh, not good. And getting clothed means I'll have to lift my arms up. Ouch. Perhaps with enough painkillers...oh wait, that'll affect the driving.

Don't worry, I'll figure it out. I'm resourceful, if nothing else.


1. It's in the footnotes of that post

2. It wouldn't be the first time a doctor was wrong about something, but don't even get me started on that one...

3. I used to think those neck braces were for when you broke your neck, but now I could really use one to hold my head up.

4. Wish me luck with this one. It'll be a week's wait, at least, and then who knows how long to get treated (free health care is good, but sometimes it can be a long wait).

5. Except for the caesar salad my husband asked me to make for his potluck lunch thing at work

6. Um, hopefully. It's kind of hurting to type, even lying down and propped up by all sorts of pillows, so I'll have to see about this one. I may have to tough it out. I have deadlines to meet, after all.

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