Monday, May 25, 2009


Okay, accountability check. In the last week I've only written ONE chapter. It wasn't even a very long one. Feel free to imagine me cringing as I type, because that's exactly what I'm doing. What a sucky feeling.

Sure, I can make all kinds of excuses: the kids were home sick from school, I had lots of running around to do, I had to vaccuum and do laundry, two of my kids had a birthday (they're even born on the same day), I threw a baby shower, I had to take care of the capuchin monkey problem in the backyard...they're all true (well, except for the monkey part, but you can bet that would have taken up A LOT of my time*).

So this week I am pledging to write THREE chapters**. That's right, you don't need glasses. I said THREE chapters, and if I don't do it, well, it won't be done, but still, it's not like you can ground me or anything. (edit: I guess it might help to mention that my chapters for this WIP seem to be averaging about 2000-2500 words***, and I take Sundays off from writing, AND my mom, sister and nephew are coming to town for the kids' piano recital this weekend****)

I know what you're thinking. How will we know if she really did write those chapters? I guess you won't, but you'll just have to take my word for it. I promise not to lie. Pinky - no, DOUBLE pinky - promise!

See? I'm totally trustworthy. Everybody knows that if you break a double pinky promise you'll break your mother-father-brother-sister-dog-cat's back, and give birth to six-legged children. Would I risk any of that?

Nay, I would not.

I'll report back next Monday, unless I finish sooner. I may even find time to blog again this week. You know - in between writing and taking care of those monkeys.


*Sure, wikipedia says they're undemanding regarding their habitat, but you can't believe everything on that website.

**If you write more than that on a regular basis, no offense, but I don't want to know about it. And no, I'm so not jealous of you. (Why what have you heard??)

***But they're only as long as they need to be, of course, so maybe I'll luck out and have some really, really short chapters this week...

****Okay, now I'm really wondering what I've got myself into, but a double-pinky promise is not something to be trifled with. Mmm, trifle...Okay, focus, Tracy. FOCUS!


Melanie J said...

I can't go by chapters because mine vary so much in length. I'm definitely a word count girl and I meet my daily goal all the time because I get a piece of See's chocolate every time I do. It's not like I have any intrinsic motivation at all.

Tracy said...

I have no idea what See's chocolate is, but it must be very good to help you meet your goal every day! That's great!

Terresa said...

Whatever you set your goals at, you can do it!

Personally, I think setting a specific chapter length writing goal would freak myself totally out, but then, I'm one of the most motivated slacker writer-mamas I know. I write some, I research some, I make pans of chocolate chip cookies and surf Sartorialist for funky styles. Then I write some more, adding to my so-far-twenty-chapter novel. I lovingly call my writing "patchwork quilt style."

PS: I always have some See's chocolate on hand as well. If you ever run out, lmk, I'll share! ;)

Loke said...

good for u! i tried to finish a script of the script frenzy challenge but never did!