Thursday, May 28, 2009

I. Feel. Stupid.

I went into the file I sent away yesterday, and my page breaks weren't inserted. I mean, they're there on the original full manuscript, but when I copied/pasted, they disappeared. It's not like I didn't go over it eighteen zillion times to fix minor glitches before attaching it, because I know MS Word does goofy things like that*. I hope the agent doesn't think I'm completely incompetent. Maybe the writing will be compelling enough to make them overlook a formatting error? I sure hope so. I'd hate for them to think I'm a yahoo**. :-(


*Sometimes I really hate MS Word

**Although I don't use the term in the exact same context,
Janet Reid says yahoos are BAD. I don't want to be one.


Melanie J said...

Man, I did something totally similar when I sumbitted my manuscript to Covenant. I forgot to double space it again after proofing it. WORSE, I didn't understand what the synopsis was that they wanted and (this is really embarrassing) I just did this: Chapter 1--Jessie's roommate Sandy sets up an internet dating profile for her and doesn't tell her. Chapter 2--(And I just kept doing that). I found out about a week later at a mini-workshop what a synopsis should really be, and I was mortified.

However, Covenant just accepted my book last week, so yes, I think if your writing is strong enough, you'll be okay.

Tracy said...

Oh, thank you so much for that Melanie! That made me feel a whole lot better. Congratulations on your book! That's some incredibly awesome news!

Stephanie said...

I agree...I think they understand that these things happen. If it was something that was completely distracting, I can see them getting frustrated and passing without reading, but not something small like this.

Fiauna said...

Ooh, I hate it when something like that happens--and it always does, to me.

You'll probably be fine, though.

Best of luck!

Marjorie said...

Best of luck!

Terresa said...

I hate with little things like that escape me. For instance, today I was grocery shopping & grabbed "Skim milk" instead of my usual 1%. Ughhhh!

Ahhh, life & it's many foibles.

Tracy said...

Eww, skim milk? Okay, you totally win. That's much worse than what I did.

sarah said...

Oh, Tracy, don't worry....(I know, so easy for ME to say)
about the yahoos, I said something the other day, and I thought i should have never said that..slangs these days! Sheesh, it almost makes me afraid to say anything!